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Tyra Has Rabies

Tyra has Rabies
Yes - Tyra has the crazies I mean rabies.

Octopus Steals Camera

Octopus steals camera
Poor guy just got mugged by a cheeky Octopus. Then gave it a ride... Octopus WIN

Windmill Explosion

Windmill Explosion
I think it was a little too windy for this windmill

Track Removal Train

Track Removal Train
Here's a track removing train - talk about last call!

Ferrari U Turn

Ferrari U turn
Wonder what one of these Ferrari's costs?

Huge Free Jump

Huge Free Jump
Look at the height of this jump - with only boxes to break his fall. Well calculated I'm sure

Stuck On A Chair Lift

Stuck on a Chair Lift
These guys are stuck on a chair lift with 110 mph winds... scary

Time Lapse Making Of Florida One

Time Lapse making of Florida One
here's a pretty amazing time lapse of the making of a Jet

Skapter Circus Tricks

Skapter Circus tricks
Some pretty cool skating tricks - and failures -

74 Mph Submersion

74 mph submersion
Ouch - 74mph to stopped that fast had to hurt

Skating A Luge Track

Skating a Luge track
This guy skates down Olympic Luge tracks.... ridiculously fast!

Awesome 3rd Person Snowboarding View

Awesome 3rd person Snowboarding view
check out the view as this guy does 360's, flips, grabs - all while holding the camera. Pretty awesome

Amazingly High Flip Kick

Amazingly High Flip Kick
This video may be short but that's a pretty awesome flip kick

Hoop Near Miss

Hoop near miss
Somehow this little kid makes it through the hoop without getting nailed

Skater Hang

Skater hang
Looks like this guy is ridiculously lucky that he was caught by a random pipe

Dominic Lacasse Skills

Dominic Lacasse Skills
This guy has some serious strength and skills. Seriously 1 handed? wtf!